Case Studies

J. Krentz Design: Protecting high-end audio-visual equipment from destructive power disturbances

Product: VRP Single Phase 230 V | Industry: Communications
Jeff Krentz, owner of J. Krentz Design, wanted a solution that would protect and provide clean power for the array of high-end equipment found in his clients’ homes. He looked into numerous power protection solutions and ultimately chose TSi Power’s VRP-3000 automatic voltage regulator.

Tronix Group, Iraqi branch: Powering surveillance cameras with long periods of AC power outages

Product: | Industry: Security
Tronix Group, a Cyprus-based integrator, needed a robust backup power solution for police surveillance cameras in southern Iraq. They not only faced Iraq’s extreme heat and dust, they needed to work around AC power cuts that were significantly longer than anticipated.

Emirates CMS Power Company: Ensuring power uptime

Product: | Industry: OEM
Emirates CMS Power Company in the United Arab Emirates owns and operates a combined power and desalination plant, supplying electricity and water to the Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Company. It needed to ensure that its units remained running at all times.

Hwashin: Protecting power at a Hyundai OEM in India

Product: VRP Single Phase 230 V | Industry: OEM
Hwashin, located in Chennai, India, manufactures sheet metal parts such as floors, hoots, trunk lids, brake pedals and cowl bars for Hyundai cars. Plant dust and unstable power were causing production loss. Hwashin began the process of rolling out the TSi-VRP throughout the plant for complete power conditioning.

G4S USA Nuclear Facility Security

Product: | Industry: Security
In 2006, Nuclear Security Services Corporation (NSSC), now G4S USA Nuclear Facility Security began using uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) on security equipment for the Owner Controlled Areas (OCA) at nuclear facilities. The UPS equipment was primarily used to provide backup power to OCA camera junction boxes and viewing stations which are all part of NSSC’s Advanced Video Sentry System (AVSS).

City of Carlisle, Pennsylvania/Iron Sky Citywide Video Surveillance

Product: Outdoor XUPS 120 volts 60 Hz | Industry: Security
The city of Carlisle, Pennsylvania engaged Iron Sky Citywide Video Surveillance to install a system of security cameras. At one of the key locations, the PTZ security camera did not have continuous access to AC power. Iron Sky turned to TSi Power to solve the challenge of powering a camera that had high power needs because of a required heater to prevent freezing – and access to AC power less than 12 hours a day.

Alton (Illinois) Housing Authority/Stiles Communications

Product: VRX Single Phase 230 V, 50/60 Hz | Industry: Security
The Alton Housing Authority, in Alton, Illinois, has a security system with more than 50 video surveillance cameras. The cameras were mounted on the electrical provider’s poles and powered locally. Due to poor performance and video quality, Stiles Communications was asked to rebuild the surveillance system.