Isolation Line Conditioners & Power Conditioners

TSI Power hospital-grade isolation line conditioners, outdoor isolation line conditioners, and custom isolation line conditioners provide robust surge suppression, power conditioning, and filtering you can rely on.  Maintenance-free and suitable for mission-critical applications.

Indoor Isolation Line Conditioners

TSi Power's ILC Series conditioners reduce the need for a high quality ground and a dedicated line, while eliminating interference from adjacent sources of disturbances. ILC’s contribute to enhanced operation, improved repeatability, fewer reboots and system lock-ups and extended operating life.

When you use TSi Power’s indoor isolation line conditioners, you can expect a reduction in equipment down time and service costs. Designed for applications including office, laboratory and medical equipment, the hospital-grade units meet stringent UL 60601-1 standards for leakage current. The standard models listed below are all plug and play. Our ILC’s can be customized to address specific customer requirements for plugs and receptacles. Available in office and hospital grade versions, TSi Power’s low-impedance ILC’s are available in standard sizes from 600 to 1800 VA, and come with a five-year limited warranty. Larger single and three-phase models are available on request.

Outdoor Isolation Line Conditioners

This rugged line is ideal for equipment located outdoors with limited or no shelter – or when the shelter is not climate controlled. They are designed for applications such as cellular base station sites, security, waste water treatment and end-of-line regulation for power utilities.

They also provide excellent protection against lightning, particularly in combination with an external surge diverter. Our outdoor ILC products are available with and without voltage regulation, as well as in different topologies and capacities. We can customize the outdoor isolation line conditioners for specific customer requirements, such as providing hotel space for customer installed equipment.