City of Carlisle, Pennsylvania/Iron Sky Citywide Video Surveillance

Outdoor XUPS 120 volts 60 Hz

In early 2011, the city of Carlisle, Pennsylvania engaged Iron Sky Citywide Video Surveillance to install a system of 25 security cameras. At one of the key locations, the PTZ security camera did not have access to AC power. The only available power source was the AC circuit powering the city’s street lights which turns on every evening and turns off at dawn. Because of the cold climate, this camera also required a heater to prevent the components from freezing and locking up – and required about 125 watts of power when the heater turns on during cold winter months.


Jason Haskins, Vice President of Delivery at Iron Sky, turned to TSi Power to design a custom power backup solution to power this PTZ security camera and heater.  After consulting closely with engineers at Iron Sky, TSi Power’s engineering team designed a customized UPS (uninterruptible power supply) with a large battery bank, high-capacity battery charger and DC to AC inverter. During the day, the PTZ camera and heater are powered by the large battery bank and DC to AC inverter. The discharged battery bank is then recharged during the night by the high-capacity battery charger and repeated on a daily basis.  

Nam Paik, Vice President of Sales at TSi Power, said “For mission-critical security and surveillance applications, TSi Power uses a conservative design approach which ensures maximum system reliability with minimum down-time and service requirements, such as expected battery service life of three years of more, even with challenging daily charge/discharge operation at city of Carlisle.”

“TSi Power’s solution saved the city of Carlisle a significant amount of time and money by using available street light circuit instead of having to install a new AC circuit just for the camera. TSi Power’s UPS system has been running flawlessly for two years and we are really pleased with the results. TSi Power is a pleasure to work with,” said Haskins.