Emirates CMS Power Company: Ensuring power uptime


Emirates CMS Power Company owns and operates the Al Taweelah A-2 combined cycle power and desalination plant in the United Arab Emirates. With two gas-fueled electric generating units totaling 370 megawatts, it began supplying commercial electricity and water to the Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Company in July, 2000. It needed to ensure that its units remained running at all times.


In 2002, Emirates CMS Power Company reached out to TSI Power for a way to ensure uptime for its power and desalination plant. TSi Power’s ATS-1000E (now ATS-1000-7900) outdoor automatic transfer switches were the ideal solution. They provided power supply redundancy for this critical load. 

“TSI Power’s transfer switches are great products and they are still working well,” said TVSK Rao, formerly the electrical department manager at Emirates CMS Power Company.