Alton (Illinois) Housing Authority/Stiles Communications

VRX Single Phase 230 V, 50/60 Hz

The Alton Housing Authority, in Alton, Illinois, has a security system with more than 50 video surveillance cameras. The cameras were mounted on the electrical provider’s poles and powered locally. Due to poor performance and video quality, Stiles Communications was asked to rebuild the surveillance system.


To fix the surveillance system, Stiles Communications installed TSi Power’s VRX outdoor automatic voltage regulator in each of the cameras. They were placed between the power supply and the camera to regulate and protect the power. Stiles Communications chose TSi Power’s voltage regulators because of the success it had with the UPS products that TSi supplied for another project.

Once the VRX was in place, Stiles Communications noticed a benefit beyond the regulated power supply. The VRX greatly improved the video quality on every camera.

“We were having issues with the camera including problems with the power, pan tilt zoom and the cameras locking up. We knew the VRX would help correct these, but we didn’t anticipate the video quality getting better. It did, dramatically, and we were amazed at the results,” said Tom Stiles, president of Stiles Communications.

Since they rebuilt Alton Housing Authority’s surveillance system in December of 2011, Stiles Communications has noticed increased reliability and noted that the system hasn’t had power problems.

“Plus, I found that TSi Power is easy to work with. Really easy,” added Stiles.