What is Raptor?

Who We Are

We are a team of experienced engineers in the field of power electronics and power quality applications.

Our Mission

We strive to provide reliable and advanced power electronics technologies to solve your power quality problems.

What We Do

We design and manufacture innovative power electronics solutions for various industrial applications.

Raptor Converter

The Raptor converter is the heart of the Raptor family of products.  It is designed with the latest power electronic technologies and cutting edge control algorithm firmware.  Raptor converter can be configured in several different configurations for a wide range of power protection applications. 

By pairing the Raptor converter with various system and energy cabinets, a variety of solutions can be realized.  Solutions such as voltage sag mitigation, voltage loss compensator, generator bridge, harmonic filter, voltage regulator, and others can be created. 

Our 4D Process


You have a set of requirements on the power quality improvement applications. We will like to hear from you and define the exact problem that you want solve.


With clear definition of the problem that you have provided, we will start  to design the ideal Raptor solutions, taking into consideration of the space, cost and delivery period.


We put together our design and start with the actual hardware and software development. It is tested to your requirement in our laboratory to ensure meeting the specification 100%.


We deliver the fully tested Raptor product with frequent follow-up support, to ensure you are fully satisfied with the performance of the Raptor.