Outdoor Isolation Line Conditioners

TSi Power’s outdoor isolation line conditioners reestablish the neutral-to-ground bond where the supply neutral is questionable.

TSi Power Outdoor Isolation Line Conditioners

This rugged line of isolation line conditioners is ideal for equipment located outdoors with limited or no shelter – or when the shelter is not climate controlled. They are designed for applications such as cellular base station sites, security, waste water treatment and end-of-line regulation for power utilities.

They also provide excellent protection against lightning, particularly in combination with an external surge diverter. Our outdoor ILC products are available with and without voltage regulation, as well as in different topologies and capacities. We can customize the outdoor isolation line conditioners for specific customer requirements, such as providing hotel space for customer installed equipment.

  • Outdoor ILC-600B-8288

    The outdoor ILC is rated for a single-phase input/output voltage of 120 V at 60 Hz, with a power rating of 600 W. Designed for wall mounting, its NEMA 3R enclosure prevents ingress of water and protects control equipment from surge voltages while providing filtering and a re-established neutral-to-ground bond. This product has terminals for hardwiring, a must when electrical isolation is required.

    Outdoor ILC-600B-8288