Scientific and Medical

With an extensive product line and more 30 years of power conditioning experience, TSi Power solves the power conditioning needs of diagnostic equipment manufacturers, hospitals and laboratories. We offer the right power protection solution for your next project.

TSi Power Scientific and Medical solutions

Solutions for Scientific and Medical Applications

In order to protect sensitive scientific and medical diagnostic equipment from unstable AC mains voltage, TSi Power provides a broad line of power conditioning isolation transformers and fast-acting, PWM-based automatic voltage regulators. They are designed to be reliable even under adverse conditions, reducing downtime and enhancing safety.

We offer several isolation transformer-based line conditioners (ILC) and fast regulating, PWM-based VRP automatic voltage regulators (AVR). These products provide the safety that hospitals and laboratories demand through regulated, reliable power to medical and laboratory equipment. In addition, TSi Power offers custom designed products for the specific requirement of OEMs.


TSi Power’s ILC line conditioning units and UL 2601-listed isolation transformers reduce leakage current to safe levels for patient-connected diagnostic equipment such as retinal tomographs and ultrasound machines. The VRP automatic voltage regulators provide fast-responding regulation for diagnostic equipment such as CAT, PET and NMR scanners.


Our line of ILC-Med hospital-grade line conditioners, with a UL/cUL-listed medical isolation transformer, provide the best all-around low-leakage current line conditioning and surge protection for sensitive medical equipment. They reduce the need for a high-quality isolated and dedicated line, while eliminating interference from adjacent sources of disturbance. The ILCs are available in 1000 and 1400 VA, 120 V, 60 Hz models with eight outlets.

The PWM-based VRP is a fast-acting automatic voltage regulator available in a variety of voltages and sizes. Both single-phase and three-phase models are part of the standard product program.

TSi Power also provides custom products designed to meet special requirements.