Defense and Government

At TSi Power, we have extensive experience in providing power back-up and protection solutions for defense and government applications. With an extensive product line and ability to deliver custom solutions, TSi Power delivers reliable back-up power for mission-critical installations.

TSi Power Defense and Government solutions

Power Protection Solutions for Defense and Government Applications

The right power protection solution for your next project

In order to protect airports, seaports, border crossing areas, military bases, nuclear power plants and government buildings, the government and defense contractors rely on CCTV cameras, high-resolution infrared motion/proximity sensors and other surveillance systems.

These critical systems need power availability, even when the grid goes down for a short period of time. That’s why TSi Power products are found around in these applications the around the world, providing a high level of availability under demanding environmental conditions.

TSi Power offers indoor and outdoor UPS solutions as well as automatic voltage regulation (AVR) products that are engineered to play a vital role protecting reliable surveillance and security systems. Our products work dependably, even in extreme outdoor environments and in places with poor mains voltage conditions.

Our UPS products are available with your choice of AC or DC outputs, with a variety of indoor and outdoor mounting versions. We provide back-up times ranging from a few minutes to 24+ hours, along with various battery charger options that vary from standard to fast recharge times.


The United States Army, Navy and Air Force’s military bases around the world have deployed TSi Power’s outdoor UPS systems to provide secure AC and DC power for CCTV/infrared cameras and heat/motion detectors used in perimeter security systems. By providing early detection of possible intruders, they have significantly enhanced the safety of both facilities and personnel. Multiple nuclear power plants in the U.S. rely on TSi Power’s outdoor UPS units. Our products provide the secure and uninterrupted power necessary to meet the most stringent homeland security mission requirements.

Since 2002, many airports, seaports and border crossing stations in US and around the world have deployed a large number of radiation- and explosives detection systems for parcels, baggage and containers passing through the ports and border crossings. Because power interruptions must not be allowed to stop the movement of goods, these cargo inspection systems are also protected by TSi Power’s indoor or outdoor VRP and XUPS units.


TSi Power makes a broad line of products for defense and government applications. These include the XUPS indoor and outdoor UPS units, XINV DC-AC power inverters, the VRP line of fast-acting, PWM-based voltage regulators, ILC isolation line conditioners and ATS automatic transfer switches. The products are available in a variety of ratings and sizes to suit many different needs. They are available with your choice of wall-, rack-, pole- and pad-mounting depending on your specific need.

TSi Power also provides custom products designed to meet special requirements.