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With our extensive product line and more than 30 years of experience in the power protection business, TSi Power is ready to solve your specific challenges. Turn to us for power interface, protection and back-up power source solutions for your critical factory automation processes.

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Power Protection Solutions for Factory Automation

The right power protection solution for your next project

Since the introduction of the ATS line back in 2000, power generation plants, factories and airports around the world have been using TSi Power’s ATS-1000 automatic transfer switch as a “battery-less UPS system” or redundant AC power source to protect mission-critical process automation and process control equipment.

Our solutions include a full line of ATS transfer switches used to provide power from two power sources to the critical load, along with the ARM-1000 redundancy switch, a bypass switch that provides redundancy for the UPS.

The ATS-1000, with dual UPS or UPS/micro generator configuration, provides much higher reliability than a standalone UPS, because a single failure in a UPS can cause the entire UPS to fail during an actual power outage. In addition, TSi Power’s VRP line of fast PWM-based automatic voltage regulators (AVR) provide a stable regulated power source for critical equipment.


The ATS-1000 automatic transfer switch can be used to switch dual power grids or two sources such as a UPS and the regular mains. This provides process security in the event the UPS fails. The ATS is used by factories and power utilities to provide dual grid sources to control equipment to provide additional security when UPS or generator power sources are used.

The ARM-1000 redundancy switch provides additional safety for UPS applications where a single fault can shut down the UPS. The ARM is powered from the same source as the UPS, providing a path around the UPS to the critical load in case of UPS failure. This is particularly important since the UPS bypass normally does not work when the UPS fails.


ATS automatic transfer switches
TSi Power’s line of ATS automatic transfer switches is available in 120 and 208 V, 60 Hz and 230 V, 50Hz, with current ratings of either 30 or 40 A. All of our automatic transfer switches for the North American market are cETLus safety listed while 230 V, 50 Hz are CE marked. The switch-over time is less than 8 ms. The ATS can switch out-of-phase power sources and can be desk-, rack- or wall-mounted using the optional MK kits. It provides status alarms through a DB-9 port and is hardwired. It uses high-quality barrel-style terminals that don’t require wire termination, saving time. The ATS is also available with a number of plug/receptacle combinations.

ARM-1000 redundancy switches
Providing fast switching between in-phase power sources, the ARM-1000 redundancy switch is available in 120, 60 Hz and 230 V, 50Hz models, with a current rating of 15 A. The ARM can be either free standing or rack mounted using an optional MK rack mounting kit. Status alarms are provided through a DB-9 port. All ARM products for the North American market are cETLus safety listed while the 230 V, 50 Hz models are CE marked.

TSi Power also provides custom products designed to meet special requirements.