From DC-AC power inverters to outdoor UPS units and voltage regulators, TSi Power is committed to providing the highest quality power protection products for the communications industry. In addition to our full line, we also offer custom solutions designed to fit virtually any application or situation.

TSi Power Communications solutions

Solutions for the Communications Industry

The right power protection solution for your next project

Even when extreme weather or natural disasters cause power outages lasting for several hours, your wireless systems need to be operational. TSi Power products are ideal for powering radio heads in distributed antenna systems (DAS) and are available in a variety of shapes and colors to blend in with its environment.

Our outdoor UPS products are available in different power levels and battery back-up times, along with optional battery heaters and a variety of mounting brackets. All of our outdoor products feature heavy-duty surge protection and most are fabricated from lower-weight aluminum and powder-coated enclosures to prevent corrosion. Plus, we can supply different styles of latches and locks upon request.


TSi Power’s outdoor UPS products provide emergency battery backup for systems such as DAS and repeaters. Battery backup times for standard models range from 10 minutes to two hours. With optional battery cabinets, battery runtime can be extended to eight hours or longer.

We also offer PWM-based automatic voltage regulators (AVR) for cell sites located in areas with unstable electricity. TSi Power’s AVRs can protect equipment and decrease reliance of diesel generators, saving operators money.


As part of our commitment to helping our customers find cost-effective solutions for their specific needs, TSi Power offers a wide selection of standard outdoor and indoor UPS products, as well as PWM-based automatic voltage regulators (AVR). The UPS units come in a variety of sizes, with a choice of short-term or long-term backup times, and are available in both AC and DC versions. Available in a variety of enclosure types and colors as well as performance specifications, these products provide the utmost in reliability.

TSi Power’s communications products are available with wall-, rack-, pole- and pad mounting, depending on your specific need. We also offer custom-designed units to accommodate special customer requirements, such as units with hotel space for modems, POE units and AC to DC converters.

We can provide outlets to power your other equipment, because it is often more economical to install electronic equipment in one of our UPS. This will save money by eliminating the need for an extra enclosure.  TSi Power also provides custom products designed to meet special requirements.